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Well, where should I start ... I am originally from Hampton, Virginia.  Raised since a baby though in Cumberland, Virginia.  My Dad is Native Cherokee Indian ... from the hills of North Carolina and my Mom from Hampton.  They met and were married while my Dad worked in the shipyard.  In 1968, just 2 weeks after I was born, the Lord called my father to move to Cumberland to pastor the Cumberland Baptist Temple.  I grew up on a farm, driving a tractor since I was big enough to reach the steering wheel.  Raised crops, cows, pigs, horses, etc.  Had an absolute BALL when I was growing up and learn to live off the land!

I always wanted to teach as I was growing up and couldn't wait to go off to college to become a teacher.  During my junior and senior years in high school, I began working for a local company who wrote articles and books on judicial matters and the constitution etc.  I had the opportunity to learn Word Perfect and Lotus 1-2-3.  I would typeset manuscripts and handle subscriptions.  Of course, graduation meant that the oldest daughter and Daddy's sidekick would be leaving home.  After his advice to stay home and work and decide what I REALLY wanted...I sure am glad that I took his advice.  Not only did I learn so many things in life about holding a job, but what it meant to tend to a home and be a wife and mother one day.

Little did I know, but only a few short weeks after graduation, I would take a Word Perfect class at our local Vocational Center.  There I helped many students and thoroughly enjoyed learning and helping others.  The next semester, I was asked to teach the computer classes for the Adults...and I was on my way.  I taught there in the evenings for 2 years while going on to work at a bank in Powhatan as a teller.  Of course, I couldn't just do teller work, I helped with many computer projects and thus enhanced my skills.

Over the next couple of years I worked as a Temp and learned so many computer programs, college was not needed and I just knew that I would eventually teach computer classes to individuals one day.  So, in 1990, shortly after marrying my husband, Curtis...I then began teaching night classes at Powhatan Vocational Center...then in 1992, was offered a full-time position at Huguenot Academy in Powhatan to develop a computer department for the school and teach K-12.  Hallelujah!  I was in 7th Heaven.  I learned to build computers, repair them, and of course TEACH, TEACH, TEACH.  I began an adult program there also.  After 2 years of teaching 5 days a week, and 4 nights a week, working on all of my students home computers on Fridays and Saturdays...my husband said...you really should do this full-time!

So...In 1994, I opened Computer Connections.  I was planning on teaching classes only...then came computer sales and repairs...and web design.  In January of 1999, we were blessed with a precious baby boy, Brady and man oh man...business is booming and my time seems to be dwindling.  But the Lord quickly made me aware of my priorities and being a wife and mother was much more important than working 16-20 hours a day.

After designing a 2,400 square foot facility, with a full-service shop for building and repairing computers, a classroom equipped with state-of-the-art computers where I could teach up to 15 people at a time, and now a web department that is really taking off.  With a customer base of over 4,200, and 30 employees over the past 6 years and more problems than I would ever imagine...I have downsized and moved home!  And doing what I should have done for a long time.  

I now design websites and am having a ball.  I can design and be creative and keep our little Brady at home.  I can quilt and garden and can and be that wife and mother that God wants me to be and help bring in an income for our family.  Over the past few years I have continued to maintain a few networks and still build and repair computers for many folks.  With all the viruses, spam etc these days ... somebody has to help these folks!

We live a very simple life and believe that in order to appreciate the most special gifts that God has in store for us, living without frills gives us the opportunity to love one another and be a blessing to others.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time with Brady and Curtis, we hunt and fish together, garden together, even cut wood together.  I am a quilter.  I sing in church and teach Sunday School.  I am very dedicated to our church and our people of the Cumberland Baptist Temple.  I LOVE people, and flowers, and SNOW!!!  I love to get away and gaze upon the beauty of the earth and think and meditate.  I love being involved in many projects and seem to be doing 50 million things at one time.  

My Dad was a warrior in his life ... from his Indian blood ... he passed down the fire and thunder to be passionate about your dreams, goals, aspirations and to share that same passion with others ... to be all you can be and stand up for the RIGHT.  

I owe all my thanks to the Lord for the talents that He has given me and for the friends that I have had the opportunity to make over the years.  I am also thankful for the best parents that a child could ever have.  Parents who brought me up in a Christian home, taught me values, taught me to work with my hands and for passing on such wonderful characteristics in love and charity.

Living a Christian life and being able to be a blessing to others is what it's all about ... and if we be a testimony to others and help them along the way ... I believe that our rewards are too many to name!

If I can ever be of service to you, please don't hesitate to give me a call.

To all of my customers and friends ... thanks for making me what I am today and I look forward to being here for you for a long time!

To all that read this site ... and I may never meet ... remember that you must find your passion in life ... to be all you can be for your family, your friends, and your neighbors.  Seek God ... and ALL His wonder ... His salvation ... and your life will be full and joyous!

With much love ~ Katrina


Katrina Blankenship
2840 Rocky Oak Road
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