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21 Months Old ... looks like we have a "farmer" on the way! September 2002 ... the "Farmer" has arrived! What a cutie! Dirt is the "in" thing! 3 months apart???  They could pass for twins!
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And best buddies! And TJ has grown so much! Brady the Builder!  Hard at work! I think Papa is to blame for these guys becoming "farmers!" "Mommy ... flowers in the potty?!?"
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2001.  I'm ready to go to work with Daddy! July 2003.
Mommy's little helper!
July 2003.
Mr. Executive ... kind of looks like a web designer, huh?  ha ha
My little baby is growing up! Our little farmer hard at work!

June 2003

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April 2005.  On our 15th Anniversary trip to Shipshewana IN, we spent a day at Lake Michigan.  Here's me and my little sweetie! May 2005.  Brady played for the first time at the Amelia Bluegrass Festival.  I think he's going to make a serious singer one day.  The most special part is that his favorite song is "When We All Get to Heaven!" May 2005.  Brady's first attempt at Mutton Bustin' (riding a sheep that is).  He's wanted to go "Bull Riding", but this is as far as he needs to go right now! May 2005.  After Brady did his little "ride" - the Rodeo Clown asked him if he was ready to ride again ... with that "Southern Draw" ... Brady says ... "I sure AM" - the clown then said ... "Boy, you are about as Country as a Dirt Clod"  Boy was he right!  Brady is country - thru and thru!
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