Putting thoughts into words is sometimes very difficult.  But the warmth of a hug, holding a hand, a smile, a voice, or just feeling a person's breath is sometimes the most precious things in life that we would give a million worlds like this to feel just once again.  That's how I feel about my Dad.
My father grew up in the hills of North Carolina.  Sparta, North Carolina - September 13, 1940.  He grew up in a little house with holes in the walls and not much on the table to eat.  But grew up in a home where his parents loved God and taught their children to work hard, respect everyone around them, and serve God with all their heart.

There were 3 boys, George, Daddy, & Lewis and 2 girls, Lucille and Evon.

My oh my, did they enjoy life!

Daddy talked so many times about staying home from school to kill a squirrel for dinner.  Helping his Dad work in the fields to make a little money for the family.  Getting just an orange and maybe a whistle for Christmas.  Those were the "good ol' days" he'd say.  The days were people loved and cared for each other.  The days where "nobody had much of anything - so we weren't jealous of the kids down the road".  Folks went to church and loved God - they knew what real salvation was all about and lived the best they could.

I remember so clearly the times when Daddy would tell us about the night he came to know Jesus as His Personal Saviour.  He'd say "we went to a revival one night and the preacher was preaching right straight to me ... I went on home that night without doing anything about the message I just heard ... when I went to bed ... I just couldn't sleep ... God was tugging on my heart and working hard on me ... so I went into the kitchen where my Mom and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table.  I climbed up on the ol' woodbox - just feeling so full inside.  My Dad looked at me and said ... 'Son, somethin' botherin' ya?'  And I told him that I needed to get saved.  He talked with me that night and I couldn't wait until the next night of revival.  It seemed as though that Preacher would never get to the invitation ... When they started singing ... I was the first one down the isle.  And I didn't have to wait until I got to the alter ... the Lord saved me right in the isle on the way.  My salvation was and is the most precious thing in my life."  May 30, 1950!

Daddy really meant that too!

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George "Brady" Farmer & Laura "Effie" Farmer

Granny Farmer, brother George (standing) and Daddy 1942