In 1958, Daddy moved to Newport News, Virginia to work in the shipyard.  There a gentleman he worked with asked him to visit his church, Central Baptist Church in Hampton.  It was on the very first Sunday that Daddy joined the church and saw my mom, Linda Hall sitting up in the choir.  And it was love at first sight!

The Newport News Shipbuilding

Enterprise was launched at Newport News Shipbuilding in 1960 and was the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to join the U.S. Navy’s fleet. The company re-delivered Enterprise to the Navy in 1994 after a major four-year overhaul and refueling.

The Enterprise - a ship that Daddy helped build as a crane operator while working in the yard.

On March 13, 1962, Daddy was called of the Lord to Preach.  And he attended the Eastern Baptist Bible College in Hampton.  He went to school, worked in the shipyard, worked in the church and married my Mom on August 4, 1962.

For the next several years, Daddy worked as a principal at the school at Central and graduated from Bible College in 1965.

God then called him to preach at Hatcher Baptist Church in Cumberland, VA and when I was 2 weeks old - we packed up and moved to the "country".

What a switch for my Mom.  But she soon learned to adapt to the "country way of life" and even learned to kill a chicken and cook it.

August 4, 1962 - A Marriage Made in Heaven!

Daddy and my Papaw Farmer preached together and helped ordain preachers into the ministry.  What a blessing from above to have your son follow in your footsteps.
Daddy stayed at Hatcher for 2 years and then God led him to begin a new work.  So, on a Sunday Morning - he resigned and many people left and decided that they would organize the Cumberland Baptist Temple.  In just a year's time, the church was able to purchase land, build a building and move in.  What a blessing from God.

The church was organized and services were held in the Cartersville Community Center

May 10, 1970
Foundation poured for new building

Our First Service - October 25, 1970

God sure is good!

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