August 29, 2006


Dear friends ...

Thank you for wanting to ADOPT an individual or family that was affected by Hurricane Katrina & Rita.  The project is quite simple.  This website is going to be a place for those who need Adopting and those wishing to Adopt to connect with each other..... or connect with each other during this time of need.

Here's how it works:

1)  The Victims have a form to fill out.

2)  Victims fill out the form in detail.  So those wishing to adopt can get to know you.

3)  Victims please be sure and put as much information about where you are now and where you think you may be living around the Holidays.  DEADLINE - NOVEMBER 19, 2006.  PLEASE do not wait until this deadline - Adopters will begin choosing families as soon as the list begins to generate.

4)  There will be a running list of ADOPTEES posted on the website.  As families are Adopted ... an ANGEL will appear on the tree beside the families name ... and only one care package will be sent per family.

5)  Only the names, ages, how many children will be posted.  No personal information about sizes, interests, phone numbers, addresses, etc. will be posted.  THIS WILL BE GIVEN ONLY TO THE ADOPTERS.
(For example:  Jones; family of 5; mother - 35, father - 38, children 3, 5, 8; originally from Jonesville, Virginia)

6)  Those wishing to Adopt an individual or family - reads through the list and chooses a family.  They will fill out this form with the name and ID# of the family they wish to adopt.

7)  We will place an ANGEL on the tree beside that families name on the website.

8)  We will send all family information to the Adopter and they will contact the family in need.  This information is for the Adopter ONLY - and we ask that you please do not give out this information to anyone else or any other entity.  These families in crisis are already going through enough - their personal contact information does not need to be spread to anyone who isn't helping them.

9)  A care package will be made up for this family - and must be mailed to them as soon as possible.  YOU MAY SEND A CARE PACKAGE NOW OR A CHRISTMAS CARE PACKAGE.

10)  We ask that you send us a letter regarding your experience with the family you connect with.  We would like to post it on the site to be a source of encouragement and inspiration for all who read it.

See ... it's easy ... and hopefully the bond that will be made between you both - will be cherished for a lifetime!

What better way of celebrating our Saviour's Birth - than to Thank Him for what He's done for us ... and to take what He's blessed us with and help our fellow neighbors.

May God's strength be upon you all ... don't hesitate to email katrina@katrinacom or call (804) 598-9301 or (804) 513-4756 if you have any questions.  The emails are still pouring in - so please be patient ... we are getting to them as quickly as possible.

Lots of love to you all ...


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