June 2006 ...
Hurricane Season is HERE!

Scientists say the 2006 season could produce as many as 16 named storms, six of them major hurricanes.

Last year's hurricane season was the most destructive on record. Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi and was blamed for more than 1,570 deaths among Louisiana residents alone.

It also was the busiest in 154 years of storm tracking, with a records 28 named storms and a record 15 hurricanes. Meteorologists used up their list of 21 proper names - beginning with Arlene and ending with Wilma - and had to use the Greek alphabet to name storms for the first time.

According to The Weather Channel ... "Experts say the 2006 season could be another very active one. The latest forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) calls for 13-16 total storms, 8-10 hurricanes, and 4-6 major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher)."

What will you do to prepare for possible a repeat of 2005?  In my personal opinion ... there's many business decisions you should be planning to take care of your businesses and families.

For your personal life ...

  • Start documenting your belongings - take pictures - list worth and dates purchased of your valuables.
  • Make sure your insurance is paid up.
  • Weather proof your homes.
  • Have an Evacuation Plan or Secure place for Shelter!
  • Save an Emergency fund for possibly having to evacuate.  You may need to find a hotel or purchase meals for several days.
  • Talk about Disaster and Emergency plans with your children.  They need to know what you will do as parents to help protect them and what your family will need to do as a team to survive.
  • Keep all your precious photos and memories together in one place so they are easy to grab and store in case of disaster.  If possible, scan your photos or put them in a digital format with backups so you can keep your memories with you.

For your spiritual life ...

Don't wait until disasters happen to check up on your spiritual condition.  It's amazing how people just "float" through life and live any ol' kind of way ... then when something bad happens ... they want to call on God to "Help me Now!"  Just remember ... whether you want to believe it or not ... God is in charge of everything!  He plans everything in our lives and our world.  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  The Lord doesn't want you to have a personal relationship with Him just so he'll protect you from disaster or get you out of a jam.  He died for your sins and mine so that He can live in your heart and bless you and teach you and help you EACH and everyday!  Please take the time now to evaluate your relationship with the Lord, if you have none ... then He is waiting with arms outstretched to save you and rescue you from destruction that is going to come to this earth ... the Bible teaches us that the time is at hand.  What you do spiritually for you and your family is all that is important!

For your family ...

Why wait until something bad happens to realize that you love your parents, or your spouse or your children, or your in-laws?  I heard so many many stories from Hurricane Katrina victims that said ... it wasn't until this happened in my life that I realized how distant my family was ... and how precious their lives are to me.  I would give anything to backtrack time.

That is the way many feel when tragedies and sickness comes to a family.  Don't wait until something bad happens to be quiet and look at the lives you are responsible for and the lives that need you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you ... please don't wait until the last minute to use the brain God gave you!  And remember ... you are responsible to help yourself!  Don't sit around and wait for something bad to happen and then expect the government to give you a handout for years to come to get you back on your feet.  I fully believe that we are responsible for ourselves!  Don't get me wrong ... the help that we can all give each other is what caring for our community is all about.  So many are stuck in their own little selfish world ... they wouldn't give their neighbors air if they were in a jug!  Be a friend ... help one another when they need it ... don't be to proud to accept help from others ... but don't ever be a free-loader.  Pull your load as a citizen ... as a neighbor ... as a human being with health to try to make it.  We don't have to have big mansions and fancy cars to survive and remember what it the MOST important things in life.

Think before you act ... and love one another.  Ask for patience and grace and wisdom ... and ask God to show you how precious life can be when you put Him first.

~ much love and many blessings to you all ...
Katrina Blankenship
thoughts ... feel free to email me ... katrina@katrina.com.




Katrina was the costliest and one of the deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history with damage costs exceeding $50 billion and fatalities, directly and indirectly, topping 1,300.
Katrina came ashore at Buras, La., as a Cat. 3 hurricane on Aug. 29, 2005, with top winds estimated at 125 mph.  Additionally, Katrina was a Cat. 1 hurricane when it first struck the U.S. near the Broward/Miami-Dade County line in Fla. on Aug. 24, 2005, after bringing tropical storm conditions to the northern Bahamas.

"Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy."


Names for 2006:
  • Alberto
  • Beryl
  • Chris
  • Debby
  • Ernesto
  • Florence
  • Gordon
  • Helene
  • Isaac
  • Joyce
  • Kirk
  • Leslie
  • Michael
  • Nadine
  • Oscar
  • Patty
  • Rafael
  • Sandy
  • Tony
  • Valerie
  • William
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