3 Year Anniversary

August 28, 2008

Dear Friends and Neighbours ...

Well ... our life has sure been a whirlwind in the past year and a half.  Many of you know that the Lord blessed us with a bouncing baby boy!  Nicholas "Aaron" Blankenship was born January 19, 2008.  click here for photos ...

There aren't words to express what the past 3 years have been like for us.  The Hurricane Katrina site has been a blessing in so many ways - tons of work - but still moving along to help many many families.

Here we are on the eve of Hurricane Katrina's 3 year anniversary and the Gulf Coast is once again threatened by another possible major hurricane.

Many have worked so hard to rebuild - some with little or no funds - some are still living in pitiful conditions surrounded by mold and bacteria.  They can't leave - they have no money or no where to go.

Yet they struggle still today.  The phone calls keep coming in from those who are searching for anyone out there who can help them even pay their light bill.

As I sit here tonight and write this letter - our life hasn't been peaches and cream over the past 3 years either.  It's taken all the money we can work for and to rake and scrape to put food on the table for our youngin's and we don't know from one month to another where the house payment might come from.

But we have NOTHING to complain about!  For we have a roof over our head - and a good warm bed at night - and the pantry full of homemade canning from our garden this year.  There are still hundreds and thousands who don't have that luxury.  It may be from Hurricane Katrina - or a tornado that ripped through their home town - or even a fire - or gas prices so high that they can barely get back and forth to work to put food on their table.

We have life way too good here in America and I am not sure what it will take to make people realize what "real life" is all about.

We don't know everything - and we seek God's face every single day to guide us in how to be good parents and search the Bible for answers to life's most difficult challenges.  Our youngin's don't sit in front of a television or have $200 tennis shoes - but if you'd see the look on their little faces when they've learned how to do something new, or they bring in a tomato from the garden that their little seed grew and produced, or the way they giggle and laugh while riding on their bikes in a mud puddle or picking blueberries or apples or just the sweet melody of their tiny voices as we have our nightly devotions.  That is what OUR LIFE is all about.

We don't live fancy - just plain ol' country folks.  Yeah - I am a web designer at night - after all our babies are tucked in - and my honey has gone off to get some rest for his weary body from working so hard to provide for us.  I believe that God planted the seed years ago when "Katrina" was picked for my name - and that He had in His perfect plan to give me the talent of being a web designer - and then turn this site into Hurricane Katrina help. 

Our 3 years has been the most wonderful yet challenging I could ever imagine.

And somehow in the wee hours of the morning - I sleepily wrote an account of our lives together as a family.

I have called it "Hurricane Katrina ... love thy neighbour".  For it is our God given duty to love our neighbour!  Who is our neighbour?  Everyone we come in contact with - I believe.

So the book is now ready - if you'd like to buy it - we would love to share our life with you - and trust that something we have encountered along the way will encourage you and help you to keep fighting for what's right - keep you on the winning side and uplift your spirits.

We finally moved a few months ago into our homemade rustic log farmhouse - we are so far from being finished - but we are working on it together and we are so proud to be a family.  As the work comes in, we hope to be able to afford it.  My web design work is gradually picking back up.  Aaron is now 19 months old and I can work more than I did with so many new babies at once.  I am adjusting my schedule to be able to continue to Adopt out Hurricane Families again this year.  So far we have almost 200 new applications and it's growing fast.  It's amazing how God sends work when we need it the most.

Curtis is pastoring our church and is so concerned for lost souls and leading our members according to God's Precious Word.  His appliance business is doing well - but gas prices are affecting his income as well as the entire nation.

The children are WONDERFUL!  We are homeschooling and they love it!  We are planning on trying something new this winter - having old-fashioned suppers here for church groups or get togethers for people in the community.  We hope to share our life with them and all that has happened to us to be a blessing to them and also encourage them.

Pray for us as we continue to work toward helping those in need.

Pray that the Lord will open the hearts and souls of many to adopt these families through the Angel Tree.

Our prayers and thoughts are with YOU ALL as you continue to support this site and our work.

May the Lord bless each of you continually ... I will close with a picture of our family.  The patience that the Lord has given us and the ability to wait upon Him ... is indescribable.

"...They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with WINGS AS EAGLES; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

~ With much love - Curtis & Katrina and children