Merry Christmas ...

December 13, 2006


To all our dear friends and neighbors ...

If you've taken the time to browse through the website and read of the most unbelievable experiences that have taken place as a result of this website, you'll know that this year has also meant a great deal to our family by knowing each of you.

The phone calls and emails from those who have gone through the worst times of their lives as well as the contacts by those who have a heart full of love have meant so much to Curtis and I.  It is an honor to be of help to each of you.  It has also been a real encouragement and lesson to Brady who asks each day how many families got adopted today.  He is thrilled to know all the details of the Angel Tree every day when he gets home from school.

For an update ... as you know the past year has been quite eventful around our house.  While working with the hurricane victims and thousands in desperate need, we as a family of 3 (Curtis, Myself and our son Brady) adopted 4 precious children.  They were neglected and starved by their parents, were almost left to basically exist.  We opened our home to take them in and start their little lives all over again.  God has blessed us with more patience, strength and wisdom that we could have ever imagined.

After wanting more brothers and sisters for Brady during our 16 years of marriage and having 4 miscarriages - God instantly blessed us with 5 children in our home to raise to learn about Him.  What a blessing!  And just when we thought that our cup was running OVER ... we found out that we have a precious baby on the way.  So in a few weeks, just after the first of the year - Brady will finally get his own real brother or sister and our family will be bounding with precious young children to love, train, and care for.  We never thought a year ago that our family would consist of Brady (7), Abbey (5), Ryan (3), Eric (2), and Jacob (1) and new baby coming.  

Some have been quite confused at our decisions.  There have been some who have told us we have made bad judgment calls and don't understand how we can open our hearts to so many children at one time and especially take on the enormous amount of work with the Katrina site to help those who had NO ONE.  Even family members thought we had lost our minds turning down the $500,000 for the domain name and website just a few days after the Hurricane hit. 

Curtis and I still wonder if those who have thought we had gone the craziest will one day see that money is not everything - and that opening your heart and soul to help those in need IS THE WORLD!

We strongly believe that God has brought us to this point in our lives to help - to share - to give - to love unconditionally.  We believe that God has made us the people we are to be parents to 6 children and to do all we can to bring them up the right way.  We live a simple life - yet a life so full of love for our family and days upon days of laughing and crying and hugs and kisses and playing games and singing and drawing and building and playing in the dirt and planting a garden and cooking together and building our new house together.  We are so full sometimes - Curtis and I can barely express the thankfulness for all that we have been blessed with and blessed to give away.

The last year has been an unbelievable struggle also - with my computer work being cut back due to the increase in our family and trying to build a house big enough for everyone and wanting desperately to get out of the rental house and make our home for our family - and with Curtis pastoring our church and working to build our congregation and share the love and salvation of the Lord with our neighbors - and many sleepless nights - Curtis having long hours of appliance calls - and all the day to day work of family and survival - it's been a real challenge.  We really feel like God has already used us and will continue to use us to witness to many at how God can work miracles in your life.

The Katrina website is keeping me as busy as it did last year.  With over 500 families again this year for adoption who really really need help!  Listening to their voices crackling as tears run down their cheeks when a family adopts them and listening to the stories from the Adopters who scurry to buy a special Christmas for the families - is worth every sleepless night - every $ for every phone call and is what we believe God expects us to do for our friends and neighbors.

My computer and web design work is starting to pick back up and for that we are very thankful.

So - to all our dear loved ones and friends - many who we have not seen ... our family sends to you a message of love, hope and encouragement to keep on keeping on.  Keep on loving one another and open your heart to someone in need.  The blessings that God can give you, no money can buy. 

Keep praying for us as we move forward with getting our house built, as we journey through the next few weeks of preparing for our little bundle of joy and as we continue to maintain this site to help you all rebuild and share with one another.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas.  May God's richest blessings be upon you daily.

“And He said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee for my strength is made perfect in weakness, most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”
2 Corinthians 12:9

With much love ... Curtis & Katrina and children

P.S.  We'll keep you informed of the new baby, if it's a girl or a boy and send pictures when our happy time comes.  Lots of love to you all!