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I am a WEB DEZINER!  Why Deziner and not designer?  Because I create websites that have "personality" ... websites with warmth with professionalizm. 

I will sit down and review your wants & needs, learn your company & what makes you tick, layout the design of your site, take photos, and help you in designing the perfect reflection of your business or organization!

Please look at my ever growing portfolio ...

I am also a COMPUTER GURU!  Why a person and not a consultant?  Because I can fix your computer problems, teach you to use it, and advise you on what to buy and not to buy.

I am gonna be honest with you and fair with you.  You'll learn that communication is most important goal - you tell me what you need - I'll tell you what I can do - if I can't do it - then I'll learn it - and we'll trudge through this maze together!

Katrina Blankenship
Powhatan, VA  23139
(804) 598-9301
email: katrina@katrina.com


This was my website BEFORE Hurricane Katrina hit.  Just a simple place where I could post my portfolio of my work and talk about my wonderful Daddy and his life and my fabulous husband and children.  Other than this paragraph - the site has not changed since before the Hurricane hit.  Yet the legacy of my Daddy has done exactly what God wanted to happen ... his story and his testimony is told over and over again.  Please read and then you'll know how this website was in God's Perfect Plan - from me being named "Katrina" to the storm coming to the opportunity to use this website to help thousands and thousands of people ... today ... it still stands as a beacon!

Lots of love to you ~ Katrina