November 24, 2005

To all our dear friends ... all over the world ...

How can we ever begin to tell you what the past few months has meant to our family and to so many around this world?  On August 29th, 2005 - life changed for so many.

Many of you have lost everything you worked so hard for over the years.  And so many have realized what the most special gift in life really is ... your own life and the lives of your family and friends.

As we spend our day today here in Powhatan, Virginia ... we are continually reminded of our blessings.  God has given us blessings too numerous to count.

For years, Curtis and I have wanted friends to fellowship with ... more children for Brady to grow up with ... and all in just a few short months ... we have been blessed over and over with your precious emails, phone calls and the strength to give so many storm victims our love and hope and encouragement.  We still pray for each one who has gone through such horrible tradgedies ... and for each one who has opened up their homes, hearts, pocket books and so much more to help your neighbors.  Our friends are now too numerous to count.  However ... I believe that if we meet on the blessed shores of Heaven ... we will know each other!

We have also been blessed with a precious new family.  Brady finally has 4 brothers and sisters.  They are all siblings and were all abandoned by their parents about 6 months ago.  We are adopting them and can't be happier!  Our house is really buzzing with tractors, trains, laughing and crying little ones - all from 6 years old (Brady) down to 6 months old.  Curtis and I are asking for lots of patience and lots of energy!  3 in diapers is a real challenge!

There are no words to describe what this Thanksgiving day means to US!  God has been so very good!

We may not live in a big fancy house (but our log house is on the way!  Finally!) ... we may not be the richest kids on the block ... but we have 5 wonderful children here ... 4 little ones in Heaven ... a warm, comfortable home ... a wonderful church where we can worship and praise God for his blessings ... the world's greatest parents ... the world's greatest friends ... God's beautiful blue skies ... green grass ... pretty pansies on the porch ... gorgeous Fall leaves blowing in the breeze ... hopes for tons of snow this winter ... a quilt in the frame ... pantry shelves full ... more love and hugs and kisses than we can handle ... the YOU ... every one of you that has supported the website from the beginning ... cared for us ... prayed for us ... and thought of us.

Thank you ... and May God bless each and everyone in a very special way this day!

Thank you for helping to adopt families for the Katrina Angel Tree ... and thank you for sharing your love with people you don't even know.

That's what life is ALL ABOUT!

Don't forget ... you are in our thoughts and prayers!  If you ever need anything at all ... be sure and let us know!

With much love!  Curtis & Katrina Blankenship ... and the Blankenship family!